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Art Classes For Me provides 12 week termly art courses in Christchurch, Bournemouth and online live via zoom. These focus on practical drawing and painting techniques for all levels - from beginners through to advanced. We cover a range of media such as pencil, ink, pastel, watercolour, brusho, acrylic and mixed media. We also offer oil painting one day workshops. Each term the curriculum is designed around students’ requests for the next terms subjects and media. Places are limited to ensure quality teaching. You can book through this website below or else contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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12 Week Drawing & Painting Courses

Please click the ”BOOK NOW” button to register and book onto a course. If you have any questions, would like to give a voucher, or wish to pay by BACs or cheque, then please us. We would love to hear from you and will reply as soon as possible.

Class Structure: Classes include a number of demonstrations. The beginners receive additional tuition on many foundation techniques such as sighting, perspective, colour theory and composition. We often work all together on one project, with the beginners working from one reference image step by step and the intermediates / advanced students choosing their own reference image. There is also plenty of one-to-one support. Classes are taught by professional artist Kate Marr Fine Art BA (Hons) and assisted by Carol West when needed. Classes are flexible, and we adapt to the needs of every student.

Curriculum: The curriculum is designed around media and subject requests from our students, which means it changes every term. We always cover a variety of topics such as seascapes, landscapes, portraits, animals, still life, flowers, abstract, contemporary, art movements, artists and sketching etc. These are completed in a variety of media described above. We have divided the curriculum into beginner, intermediate / advanced levels, and each week students can move into whichever group they prefer for that week’s project. In every project digital handouts, reference images and videos are provided online via a student login on this website. This means that all images, handouts and videos can be accessed online to recap all the lessons, so students can complete both beginner, intermediate / advanced projects if they wish to! Both groups have plenty of fun and learn lots of techniques whilst completing a variety of topics. Whatever level you’ve reached, the training aims to help you progress artistically at your own pace and increase your confidence in a supportive environment. Each student is nurtured and encouraged to develop their skills. After the course students will have created many original artworks they can enjoy forever. You will be amazed at all you have accomplished. To celebrate the end of term we hold an online art exhibition, and you can share a link inviting your friends to view it! (Our current online exhibition can be viewed here.) Students are welcome to rebook for following terms and join our friendly artistic community.

Online classes live via zoom: These classes follow the same format as above. When we need to cover a lesson specifically for beginners or intermediates/advanced, each group separates into different online rooms. We also have a quiet intermediate/advanced room where students not wishing to speak can relax and work quietly.

Class Times


Tuesday 2pm - 5pm
Thursday 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Christchurch classes

Wednesday 10am - 1pm
Wednesday 2pm - 5pm

Bournemouth classes

Thursday 10am - 1pm

Term Starts Ends Half Term Online Cost Class Room Cost
Autumn 2023 Sep 12th - 14th Dec 5th - 7th Oct 23rd - 27th £245 £295
Spring 2024 Jan 2nd - 4th Mar 26th - 28th Feb 12th - 16th £255 £325
Summer 2024 Apr 16th - 18th Jul 16th - 18th May 27th - Jun 7th £255 £325
Autumn 2024 Sep 10th - 12th Dec 3rd - 5th Oct 28th - Nov 1st £255 £325
Course includes
Drawing, pastel, watercolour, acrylic, mixed media and online exhibition.
Once you have booked onto the course a curriculum and materials list will be provided one month before the start of term. You will be assigned your own personal account on the website where you can find videos which recap each lesson for both curriculums, plus documents, images and links to download and print.
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For the termly courses you will need to purchase equipment such as brushes, artist pencils set, soft & hard pastels set, watercolours set, acrylics set and extra materials for mixed various media projects. Workshops may include materials. Please check the specifications.

Don’t worry, let us know if you are struggling and we will help you. We will run a practice session for our online classes on Zoom. We will also provide information on how to login to your account and access the handouts and links on the website.

It is best to commit to attend the classes for live feedback. If this isn’t possible for one week you can go to a different venue or take an online class - please let us know in advance. If you cannot do this you can watch a video of the project and do the project at home, then bring it to class and ask for feedback the following week!

The beginners follow step by step from one reference photo and also go through different exercises learning basic techniques and fundamentals such as perspective and colour theory. The intermediates / advanced can choose their own reference photo and can still follow step by step, or work more independently if they wish to. Advanced students can up the difficulty level significantly from intermediate if they wish to, using more complex references to work from or adding in more detail, for example. Kate can also offer advice for students wishing to develop their art portfolio and sell professionally. The classes contain beginners and intermediate / advanced students in two groups so once you start you can swap to a different group if need be, or even weekly if you like!

We have up to about 20 students per class.

Yes. We are a community, and would love you to book another course.

Kate Marr has a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art and initially trained and taught art classes for two years with another company. She enjoyed this so much that when the opportunity arose she decided to launch her own art classes, and hasn’t looked back. Kate runs each lesson in a relaxed, friendly and fun way, while providing the highest quality of art education and tuition at the same time. Her experience as a professional artist is invaluable, and this inspires the students as well.

Adults, all ages welcome! Our weekly meetings offer a chance to socialise and mix with like-minded people, creating many long-lasting friendships.

Practice makes perfect! The courses give you plenty of techniques and ideas to get you started. Everyone learns at different rates. Kate’s favourite quote is from her university life drawing teacher Martin Brooks: “You can draw or paint anything if you look”. The more you relax and practice, the easier it will be and the more you will progress. Our teaching will bring out your best. If you are willing to listen to your tutor and are receptive to what you are taught, you will go far. It is best not to put yourself under pressure but to enjoy the classes, and you will learn without knowing it!
Oil Painting Workshops
2023 2024
Dates Wed 13th Dec Tue 23rd Jul (tbc)
Thu 12th Dec (tbc)
Time 10am - 4pm, with one hour lunch break.
Location Christchurch Rowing Club Christchurch Rowing Club (Jul)
Bournemouth Electric Club (Dec)
There is limited free car parking at Christchurch Rowing Club
Cost / Day £85 including materials. £95 including materials.

Beginners (some drawing experience would be helpful) - an introduction to oil painting with simple exercises. Then join in with the intermediate/advanced students creating a painting step by step.

Intermediate/advanced students will have a few demos and complete a painting from their choice of reference. There will be a handout available which will give step by step guidance, and the teacher will be on hand to support.

Some preparation may be required before the course.

Materials, references and handouts: All materials, references and handouts will be provided for those attending. Videos will be available of each project after the class on the website for all students.

Teaching: Professional artist Kate Marr will be teaching the workshops and Carol West will be assisting.

Safety: Oil mediums can be toxic. We are going to use the mildest and simplest mediums on the market where you shouldn’t have any problems. We will have ventilation.

Curriculum: Once you have booked on, and prior to the course starting, Kate will be in touch with the curriculum.

Introduction to selling art (One Day Workshop)
Date Tue 12th Dec
Time 10am - 4pm, with one hour lunch break.
Location Christchurch Rowing Club
There is limited free car parking at Christchurch Rowing Club
Cost £75
Socials and Exhibitions

Details coming soon ...


Well... what can I say! Brilliant... love it! Recently inspired to start painting again (been a long time since school days!). Having a complete ‘ball’ at Kate’s classes... learning something new every week. Enjoying it so much, signed up for another 12 weeks. Happy days :) 10/10.
Polly Moore
Kate is an experienced professional artist and understands what is needed to encourage both experienced and inexperienced budding artists. She works very hard to provide comprehensive guides together with demonstrations which are available to watch after the lesson. I have benefitted from the online lessons, great during Covid or because of work commitments. I am looking forward to joining the fabulous location in Christchurch next term.
Helen Brett
Love it! I’m in Kate’s class, learning new techniques, having fun, in a lovely friendly class, made new friends too. We have all enjoyed the last term, and I can see already how my skills with learning new techniques has been developing each week.
Deanne Kent-Smith
I am a complete beginner, Kate has taken me right from the start, what brushes to use, the strokes, and making a colour palette, now I understand the theory I feel a little more confident, I am so enjoying these lessons.
Michelle McCann
I have thoroughly enjoyed Kate’s classes which have been exciting, individual and enjoyable. She has tailored the classes to suit our needs and to work at our own pace. We can work together or separately and a lot of preparation has gone into the worksheets and resources. It is great that Kate gives advice, always has a “can do” attitude and we all feel valued. Thank you so much - roll on next term.
Louise Croker
As usual Kate, your Oil Painting Workshop was excellently run & you have supplied loads of extremely useful information, which along with the videos, I’ll absorb in due course! The workshop was very comprehensive & gave me a real flavour of how oil paints work in contrast to other painting media. The technology for us on-liners worked perfectly. Thank you and Carol for all your hard work in preparation & on the days - the in-house crowd looked & sounded very happy too!
Steph Druce
Hi Kate, Just to say how much I have enjoyed the art classes this term and am looking forward to next term, it looks really exciting. It has been great working with a tutor who listens to her students and then adapts the course to include what they enjoy or are needing more help with. So many courses have a very fixed curriculum which does not vary to match students interests. You have given us some challenges and then helped us so much achieve them, I never thought I would be able to draw anything that looked even vaguely like a person, but I can after your help. Looking forward to seeing the exhibition and the classes next term. Thank you.
Carolyn Pither
Hi Kate, I just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed this term. As you know, I haven’t done any drawing or painting since leaving school (which is quite sometime ago now!!!) and you’ve helped build my confidence and ability to be able to do something that is recognisable and that I’m pleased with. I now look forward to developing this further. Looking forward to next term.
Sherri Hawkins
It was a very enjoyable oil painting course with clear and detailed handouts. I’ve learnt some great information to give me more understanding and am continuing with some seascape painting today.
Phil Spooner
Hi Kate, Thank you so much for these classes, I have enjoyed them so much and find your approach to the subjects so refreshing. I have learnt a great deal. You are certainly inspiring and always leave me with the tools to complete a project. I find the video very helpful - thank you. I am glad for a two week break to finish some of the projects! Once more thank you for all you are doing. Best wishes.
Chris Smith
I have been very pleased with the course and must congratulate you on putting together a comprehensive course. I have enjoyed the variety of projects and find the pace about right. The variety of projects has made me do things I would usually avoid, which is really good and has improved my skills. The teaching style has opened my eyes to trying new techniques and not sticking to accepted methods. Using mixed media has provided me with a more flexible approach to the projects.
Jan James
The online class works really well for me as I need to be at home for the dogs. I love the ‘no pressure’, supportive & encouraging atmosphere that you’ve created in the group!
Ali Timms
You have set the scene for a wonderful, inspiring class. The relaxed atmosphere is warm, friendly and welcoming. It is great that we can drift in early, chat and look at other people’s work over a cup of coffee and get ready for class. Thanks too for not throwing us out on the stroke of one o’clock. Your instructions are good and clear. The information before the class is much appreciated as it is good to have an expectation as to what to expect and what to bring. The watercolour projects were fantastic and really showed what one can do with watercolours and how versatile this medium is. I am so impressed with the poppy, sunsets and dog! I have learnt so much. Your teaching style suits me very well and is exactly what I need to improve. I like the clear structure with a different objective each time but also the freedom to paint with one’s own ideas. You are also very encouraging. The venue provides lovely light airy space and the fact that there is parking is very good. Thank you for providing the refreshments. That does add to the relaxed atmosphere and painting is such thirsty work! The images and lesson notes are very good and your videos are great. They expand the lesson content and are really helpful. Thank you for providing this resource. I really love these lessons and have signed up again which shows they must be good! Thank you so much for all your hard work and giving us the opportunity to learn art skills in such an enjoyable way.
Carole English
Kate is an inspired & inspiring art teacher. Her class projects are very varied, interesting, often exciting & always great fun. There are very often new techniques or elements to learn about, & she finds ways to convey them in understandable steps to us all, from beginners to advanced artists, whether demonstrating to everyone or individually. One of the advantages of online classes is that you can listen in to (&/or watch) the help & advice given to others without having to stop your own work. I love that we’re emailed in advance the topic for the week with suggested media, materials, method & references, but Kate is quite happy for us to use whatever we have available & will help us adapt if necessary. Her class demos are broken down into steps, are always very clear, & she’s never afraid to make mistakes, which is great for us as she demonstrates how they can be overcome or corrected. She provides the framework & freedom for us to develop in our own way, while giving us the tools to do so. The video demo of the week’s project Kate posts on the class website is invaluable to me, as I rarely complete a painting during the 3 hours, & it’s an excellent aide-memoire. She also posts other short videos with tips & techniques, when she thinks it would be useful. The online classes on Zoom suit me as I like to have my own equipment available to me, the freedom to stop & start when I want, (to make a cup of tea perhaps!), to watch the progress of others as Kate does the rounds, & of course to enjoy the company of my fellow class-mates. The technology works well, from the demos & the “rooms” where she can teach different groups if necessary, to the split screen highlighting when she is helping individuals. Kate is very encouraging, supportive, cheerful, & endlessly patient; she never seems phased by any questions we may have, & will always try to find appropriate answers.
Steph Druce

Bournemouth Classes
Bournemouth Electric Club, 115 Broadway Ln, Bournemouth BH8 0AA

We will meet in a lovely spacious ground floor hall and annex room with large windows and plenty of natural light. The Club is located near to the Castlepoint shopping centre, and is about 15 minutes drive from the centre of Bournemouth. The venue is very active and well cared for.

There is plenty of free car parking on-site, with regular bus services to the Broadway Lane and Broadway Tavern bus stops 2 minutes walk away. Everything is wheelchair accessible. There is a cloakroom and kitchen area, and tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

Christchurch Classes
Christchurch Rowing Club, Wick Ln, Christchurch, BH23 1HU

The Rowing club lounge has plenty of natural light and beautiful views of the River Stour from inside and the adjoining balcony. It is well located near the centre of Christchurch and has free car parking.

The venue is very close to the bus stop at the junction of Wick Lane and St Margaret’s Avenue if you prefer to arrive by public transport. There is an electric stair lift to get to the classroom - please let us know if you need to use this before coming to class. You can use the kitchen facilities and tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

Class Tutor

Tutor Kate Marr Kate Marr, Fine Art BA (Hons), is a professional artist from Bournemouth, UK and loves nurturing students’ artistic potential whether they are a complete novice or fairly experienced. She is lively, patient, encouraging and makes the classes fun.

Life isn’t static, you can’t help but enjoy the atmosphere of beautiful places when you are outside experiencing the outdoors. It is a reflective activity where we are able to think freely without distractions, which in turn creates a joyful experience which uplifts the heart. Nature is captivating and awe inspiring. It provides us with endless dynamic views which adjust every second with fleeting changes in the landscape due to the weather, sunlight or season. As an artist the coast, landscape and forest are places to observe and take in the mood, to identify shapes and forms through spontaneous mark making in a sketchbook, paper or canvas.
I work instinctively, mainly in oils, watercolours and mixed media. Sometimes I let the paint flow and mingle, other times I may use bold, energetic marks or concentrate on delicately capturing the contrast in light and tone. If things get too static, I have to throw out the worries about precision and just play with the paint in an experimental approach using unusual tools and media combinations. The paint often does its own thing, just like nature!

Kate Marr is a professional artist from Bournemouth, UK and is best known for her lively and atmospheric paintings based on locations from the Dorset coastline and the New Forest. Kate loves to create pieces in an intuitive way, focusing on evoking the mood and feeling of a place by using expressive marks. These works are created imaginatively, inspired by sketches, photos and memories of walks in these areas or en plein air. Kate uses high quality art materials in a variety of mixed media and technique. Her work has been featured in nationwide magazines including the Leisure Painter. She is a member of the friends of the ROI, Artists in Dorset, Paint Dorset and Cad Arts and exhibits with some of these groups as well as arranging her own solo shows. Her work can be found in private art collections around the world.
Kate grew up in Surrey and having a creative spirit, was always painting and drawing. Pursuing this passion she completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design in 2005 at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. In 2008 Kate completed a Fine Art BA (Hons) degree at Plymouth University. After this she had a few exhibitions, then whilst working in Oxford Street, London in retail management, she worked part time as a portrait artist taking commissions. By 2016, Kate had decided to become a full time professional artist. Initially she was living in London and then the opportunity came to move to Bournemouth and paint the beautiful scenery there. She then focused her attention on painting seascapes and landscapes.

Find out more: www.katemarr.com


Please contact Kate with any questions you may have, she would love to hear from you!
Kate usually responds within a few days. Please call if urgent.

Email:      Call: 07905 033 025